Rwanda Happenings

The Rwanda adventure will include work with an NGO, or non-governmental organization. I was recently assigned to the Health Development Initiative. A description:
“Health Development Initiative (HDI) ( HDI’s Mission is to organize and promote community-based health care development in Rwanda. HDI works to build sustainable alliances between the community and professional health care providers, as well as to empower providers to better educate and serve their communities. HDI was founded by GYC alumnus Dr. Aphrodise Kagaba. They have also been doing theatre projects for sexual and reproductive health rights sensitization in communities, working with youth theatre groups. Their work is similar to that of RAPP’s in this respect, but it is also somewhat different in that HDI is more of medical program, run by doctors with many licensed doctors coming to volunteer in Rwanda to work with them. Together AJPRODHO and HDI will be trying to engage about LGBT rights.
Theatre projects on youth sexuality and reproductive health

          Rehabilitation of health clinics and scaling up of services to the most vulnerable populations

          Assisting with project proposals and/or newsletters at the NGO level, working with senior staff

I’m excited. Working on LGBT rights, especially in an African nation, will be rewarding. The stories I have heard regarding homosexuality in Africa have all been negative, sadly. Uganda is trying to pass an anti-homosexuality bill that would punish anyone who may have possibly participated in homosexual acts with jail time or death. Yes, death as a punishment for loving someone. Check this- Don’t eat before. The hate will make you vomit.
Malawi’s president recently pardoned two men who were about to be sentenced 14 years in jail for professing their love in a traditional engagement ceremony, for being themselves, for acting according to their emotions that will harm no one except the weak willed who waste time on the harmless as thousands lay dying because of starvation, AIDs, dirty water, and war.
I am passionate for human rights. I am passionate for fighting for those who are discriminated against for harmless acts of love. You may not agree with homosexuality. That is your belief, and you have every right to believe what you would like. However, that belief gives you absolutely no right to tell another how to live, or judge an act that does not harm you. That is basic, that is intelligence. So, grasp it, and help others realize. Real problems exist. That is where time should be spent.