Nuclear Energy-Risky Business

DES MOINES, Iowa— Today we look for energy that will save us money and our environment, and hopefully not end in horrific radioactive disaster. Nuclear energy is ridiculously risky: “at least one in every four nuclear reactors has leaked tritium-a cancer causing and radioactive form of hydrogen-in the groundwater”, according to Iowa PIRG. This is one frightening statistic among the many, simply concerning health. We are also playing a truly dangerous financial game. Senate File 390 for MidAmerican to raise energy rates in Iowa, with no cap, for funds to build a nuclear plant in Iowa cannot be passed.

I am a college student attempting to pay for school. I do not have the money to pay for growing energy rates with no limit. Iowans do not have the money to pay for this expansion of MidAmerican’s power to build a dangerous energy option. I do not have the time to worry if my groundwater is contaminated with cancer causing hydrogen or if my tomorrow will look like Fukushima after the disaster, and neither do my fellow Iowans.

Nuclear energy is far from the best option. MidAmerican knows better, but the want for money with no consideration for the consequences is transparent. The nuclear power plant proposed by SF 390 may not even be built. We pay three to six billion dollars for nothing. If the plan for the plant is not followed through with, MidAmerican will not pay our money back. Why would we invest in an energy option that may result in robbery and disaster? Iowa is a leader in wind and biorenewable energy. Let’s lead the way to a future where we are secure in our finances, health, environment, and safety. Senate File 390 should not and cannot be passed.